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Space Gears: Terraform Mars and Command Mech Armies in This Innovative Sci-Fi RTS Game

2bytes Corp. and Pentapeak Studios are gearing up to launch an exciting new sci-fi strategy game, Space Gears. Set on Mars, players will terraform the Red Planet, build bases, assemble mechs, and engage in intense battles with each other. The first gameplay footage has been released on the game’s Steam page, showcasing the innovative combat system and various game mechanics.

Space Gears 게임 플레이 트레일러|Pre-alpha

Breaking away from the limitations of traditional RTS games, Space Gears focuses on providing an intuitive combat experience without the need for complex micromanaging. Players can dive into fluid and fast-paced PvE and PvP modes that are immersive and easy to play.

Scheduled for release on Steam in Q3 this year, more detailed game information and a testing schedule will be made available in Q2. Fans of the sci-fi genre and RTS games will definitely want to keep an eye on this title, as it promises to bring fresh ideas to the strategy gaming scene.

Pentapeak Studios, an in-house game development studio founded by 2bytes, comprises experienced developers from major Korean game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Wemade. The studio aims to develop complex genres for the global game market that haven’t been attempted in Korea recently.

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