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Waking Mars comes to PC and Mac

Waking Mars, one the bestselling games for the iOS (over 100,000 units), made its way to PC and Mac today. Waking Mars is a side-scrolling adventure game where the player controls the scientist Liang who discovers life inside of the caverns of Mars, after being trapped down there by a cave in.

On Steam, Waking Mars supports Steam Cloud, has seventeen Steam Achievements, and can use the Big Picture mode. Randy Smith, a co-founder of Tiger Style, commented “We are so excited to make Waking Mars available on Steam, and we have our tens of thousands of fans to thank for making it possible. After porting our game to PC from iOS, this is the best validation we could possibly hope for.”

David Kalina, another co-founder of Tiger Style Games, adds “2012 has been an extraordinary year for Waking Mars. We released Waking Mars on the iPhone and iPad early in the year, and the critical and popular reception was so positive that we spent the remainder of the year porting it to PCs and Android devices. Then, after launching the game on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android in the most successful Humble Bundle for Android yet, Waking Mars was chosen for release on Steam by the Steam Greenlight community. We’re super excited to finish our year selling the game to an all-new audience on Steam, as well as on GamersGate and Desura.”

Waking Mars can be bought online through many stores:

Computer (All are $9.99):

Mobile (All are $4.99):

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