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Summoners War Reloaded: Sky Arena Introduces Solo Raids and More with Exciting New Update!

Com2uS, the publisher behind the popular game Summoners War: Sky Arena, has kicked things up a notch with the second part of its reloaded update. This thrilling extension promises to reignite the flames for gamers around the globe with exciting new solo Dimension Raids, a complete overhaul of the Dimension Hole, and a brand-new monster.

Dimension Raids: An Exceptional Solo Experience

The new PvE Raid sets players off against a revamped boss from the Dimension Passage across three stages for a riveting solo experience. Start with Karzhan and shift dimensions weekly as you journey through the five worlds to lay your hands on the exclusive rewards that await survivors. The new solo Raids are promised to be quite demanding on the strategy front.

Second Awakening: Powerful New Monsters and more!

This part of the update also sees new monsters, including the amazing Living Armor and Frankenstein, undergo a second awakening to return much stronger. The awakened monsters come with powerful passive skills that deal devastating damage to enemies weakened by defensive debuffs and increase their survival chances. On the flip side, a new creature – the Hell Maiden, also emerges from the darkness.

Don’t be fooled by the Hell Maiden’s innocent appearance. She possesses the unique ability to summon the infamous Hell Lord, who will fight in her stead till the bitter end.

A Myriad of Improvements

Apart from these riveting gameplay additions, Com2uS has included a new building designed to increase the maximum energy of the Dimension Passage and speed up recharge rates. Crafting your own Grindstones is now possible, and Mission events will soon make their debut, offering a chance to earn various exceptional rewards.

Limited-Time Events

To celebrate the arrival of these new developments, Summoners War will host breathtaking temporary events. Collect Dimension Coins to trade in the Dimension Shop. The special new monster event and the mystic scroll bonus event provide fresh sources of gaming joy. Be sure to claim these exceptional rewards before September 17th!

Since its launch in 2014, Summoners War: Sky Arena has constantly captivated gamers with its electrifying gameplay. The second part of the Reloaded update further pushes the game’s limit with a remarkable solo adventure, putting your strategic skills and your determination to the test. Detailed information on the Reloaded update for Summoners War (content, events, etc.) can be found on the official community site.

About Com2uS

Com2uS was founded in 1998 in South Korea and operates internationally. With its recent interest in blockchain and metaverse, it is keen on leading the charge in this new digital paradigm. Among the various mobile games it currently runs worldwide, Summoners War, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, and Golf Star are included. With over 180 million downloads and global revenues of approximately $2 billion, Summoners War remains the top game in 93 countries and ranks within the top ten in 154 others.

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