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Minecraft Update Coming Very Soon

On the afternoon of February 23, Minecraft lead designer Jens Bergensten from Mojang tweeted to his followers:

Minecraft 1.5 will be released in roughly 2 weeks, early March

He thus proved that a fandom’s worth of excitement and anticipation could fit in under sixty-five characters.

Regular periodic software updates show that the development team still has plans and goals to achieve for said software.  With games especially, patches don’t merely mean fixing bugs and glitches but also potentially adding brand new content, making it possible for companies to publish games with life-cycles measured in multiple years instead of multiple months.

Minecraft 1.5, known more popularly as the Redstone Update, will be the next major software patch to the well-known open world, sandbox game, the first since October 2012’s “Pretty Scarey Update.” In addition to new gameplay elements based on redstone (how Minecraft handles activating and controlling machinery within the game), the update will add new gameplay mechanics, improve several aspects of the graphic engine used in the game as well as many other under-the-hood features.

The first official pre-release (for public testing) was made available February 28, with the full update patch being planned for sometime this week.

Arthur Vinson

Contributing Writer.

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