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Supreme Ruler 1936 Coming This Year

BattleGoat Studios announced today their next game, Supreme Ruler 1936Supreme Ruler 1936 is a historical real time strategy game for Windows PCs set for release in Q4, this year. In Supreme Ruler, players will be able to engage in war in many different ways. There are economic, scientific, and diplomatic challenges that will have direct effects on the ability of a nation to conquer the world. All the while tensions rise and armies build all over the world; some nations will test their might and seek to expand their territories and other countries will enact isolationist policies or pursue peaceful diplomacy in order to avoid a second world war.

Throughout the development of our Supreme Ruler series, we saw a World War II title as the culmination of our grand vision. We’ve always endeavored to make significant changes with each new title and this will be no exception. Supreme Ruler 1936 will immerse players in the historical era and feature a depth of play that will provide incredible challenge. – David Thompson, Lead Designer at BattleGoat Studios

Here are some features of Supreme Ruler 1936:

  • Play multiple campaigns from either the Axis or Allied sides.
  • Control any nation in Sandbox Mode.
  • Historical Scenarios present challenges for quick-paced gameplay.
  • Influence the timeline and affect the outcome of thousands of historical events.
  • Use diplomacy, trade, espionage, or intimidation to influence the behavior of other countries.
  • Research technologies to give armies technological advantages, and eventually reach the Atomic Bomb.
  • Modernize the economy of a country and become the world leader and choose any social and military policies.
  • Control the management of your military’s forces and production as much as you like by Setting the defense minister’s level of control.
  • Battle your opponents and nature as an integrated weather model influences the sides of war.
  • Drastic graphical improvements to 3D terrain and the GUI.
  • Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over a local network or the internet.

Dan Holtzclaw

Contributing Writer.

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