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Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC Released Today

Starting today, the Year of the Snake downloadable add-on pack is available for purchase. Year of the Snake adds new police missions set directly after the main story. It features four new Achievements/Trophies and some more outfits plus some new weapons.

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake follows Wei as he rejoins the Hong Kong Police Department, just as the chaos level rises. A dangerous doomsday cult, the Cult of the Snake, has resurfaced and seeks to take over the streets of Hong Kong. They look to cleanse the city of its ‘evils’ and will not cease to stop their mission.

Wei has to race against time to stop the cultists before midnight so Judgement Day will be stopped. Wei aims to work back his honor with the Hong Kong Police Department by sabotaging the cultists’ plot to bomb, terrorize, and gain control over the citizens. Through several missions and optional activities, Wei will hunt down the Cult of the Snake’s leader. Wei has access to a tear gas canister launcher, an electroshock pistol, and new outfits and abilities.

Sleeping Dogs is developed by Square Enix London Studios and United Front Games, and is set in the open world of Hong Kong. Taking the role of Wei Shen, players will take down one of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations. Sleeping Dogs features visceral martial arts combat paired with guns and shooting. Players can perform kill-moves and make use of many environmental items to take down their enemies.

Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, priced at 560 MSP, $6.99, €5.49, £4.39

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