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Two Sleeping Dogs DLC Launched Today

The Dragon Master Pack and Square Enix Character Pack have arrived today for Sleeping Dogs, except for the Character Pack on the PS3, which will release on the 20th.

The Dragon Master Pack, costs 640MSP or $7.99 (€6.49, £5.10), and contains all five of the pre-order packages in one DLC (each pack below can be bought individually as well):

  • Triad Enforcer Pack: “It’s a high-speed shoot-out in Triad Highway; armed with a high-capacity machine gun, fight a tide of Triads… after your head. Death by 1,000 Cuts puts you in a brutal fight club taking on the Triads with a razor-sharp golden cleaver. Wear the Triad Enforcer outfit for added Face and more punishing damage.”
  • Police Protection Pack: “Catch criminals like a true SWAT officer with the Police Protection Pack. Unlock the exclusive High Speed police mission featuring the SWAT outfit, SWAT Police Cruiser car and SWAT Assault Rifle.”
  • Martial Arts Pack: “Unleash the power of the Shaolin with the Martial Arts Pack. Unlock the Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased melee damage), the Shaolin Showdown mission and Wing Chun dummy decoration for your safe house.”
  • GSP Pack: “Dress like Mixed Martial Arts champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre with this collection of shorts, t-shirts and bandana, and devastate your enemies with GSP’s signature flying punch. Also adds increased grappling and throwing damage.”
  • Deep Undercover Pack: “All the style of an undercover agent. Unlock the Plain Clothes Detective outfit (with a reduced heat penalty), the Undercover Police Ghost Car and a CB Radio for your safehouse.”

The Square Enix Character Pack, costs 160MSP or $1.99 (€1.49, £1.19), and contains three costumes, each with a buff and signature weapon:

  • Hitman Outfit: “Agent 47’s suit grants reduced attention from the police and comes with a silenced Silverballer.  Assassinate your enemies with stealth, Hitman style.”
  • Deus Ex Outfit: “The Sarif Industries armor reduces gunfire damage by 33% and comes with a futuristic, fully automatic combat rifle.  This technology really is decades ahead of its time.”
  • Just Cause Outfit: “The Rico Rodriguez custom outfit allows you to hijack vehicles from a greater distance and comes with Rico’s signature pistol, which can fire explosive shells.  Liberate those drivers at high speed!”

Dan Holtzclaw

Contributing Writer.

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