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Jagged Alliance: Flashback is Getting a Reset

Danish indie development studio Full Control has launched a Kickstarter campaign to “reset” the Jagged Alliance games. Full Control wishes to maintain the initial style and feel of the original games, minimizing changes to the game that aren’t cosmetic. Full Control got the license for the Jagged Alliance title and story from bitComposer and is looking to build up a monetary base for production in the next thirty days.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is a tactical turn-based strategy. It’s set in the 1980’s during the Cold War era, taking place on the San Christobal island in the Caribbeans. A mercenary group, A.I.M., is founded on the island as an U.S.S.R. General takes control of the island. Under orders from the CIA, players are to destabilize the U.S.S.R. presence and restore the democratic government that was there before.

The Kickstarter Project for Jagged Alliance: Flashback is asking for $350,000, which is not much for most modern games. Full Control stated that they have a good graphical system set down and the rights for the title. They promise an excellent story if their goal is met, and they have plenty of stretch goals planned. The minimum donation is $5 which earns the donors name in credits online. Flashback will be DRM-free, while donors at $25 and up can choose which form their game comes in. it also is for Windows, Mac, and Linux; Mac and Windows will use GOG, but the distribution for Linux is not determined yet.

“The original Jagged Alliance was a thinking man’s game with a focus on characters, firepower and strategy. Our vision at Full Control is to bring back the tactical turn-based action that the original games were known for. We look forward to working with a community who shares our vision and wants to experience a new Jagged Alliance that returns to the classic turn based-action of the originals.” – Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control

Dan Holtzclaw

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