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Microsoft Buys Gears of War Franchise, Black Tusk to Develop Next Game

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Microsoft announced this morning that they have purchased the Gears of War IP from former developer Epic Games. This purchase is not too surprising as Microsoft Studios published all 4 titles to the series as Xbox 360 exclusives.

With this purchase, Microsoft has set its console up to be a power house in shooter games, adding Gears of War to the list of Xbox One exclusive titles, including the Halo franchise and the highly anticipated Titanfall.

“It all comes back to our commitment to Xbox fans. The Gears of War franchise has a very strong, passionate, and valued fan base on Xbox… This franchise, and these fans, are part of the soul of Xbox.” -Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios President

Microsoft also announced that the next game in the Gears of War franchise is to be developed by new development house Black Tusk. To bring some reassurance to fans of the series, the new game will be overseen by Rod Fergusson, a producer that has worked on previous Gears of War games.

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