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World of Warcraft new expansion leaving some confused, others disappointed

It seems, in the light of their new release of Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard isn’t getting the reception they wanted. At first, seeing the commercial on TV looks like every other Blizzard commercial, confusing the watcher into thinking there’s a cool new movie coming out until they’re slapped with the Blizzard and WoW logos. Except there’s Pandas. While this comes as a shock to many, Blizzard claims in past interviews that they had wanted to make Pandas a playable race for a while now.

Anyone except a hardcore WoW fan is lost right now and if they thought it might be new content that’s worth the buy, they’d quickly find out that they were mistaken. In fact many of the fans that bothered to spend their money protested, and loudly. Every slight was brought to light, from the reuse of the engines to the graphics that never improved, to the fact that… well, there are Pandas.

It’s uncertain whether the Pandarens will end up being Alliance or Horde, both sides seem to agree that the introduction of fighting, drinking and peace-keeping warrior pandas is just taking too far, as well as being rather contradictory. Also, it was reported by a disgruntled reviewer that the male Pandarens have a unique body shape, it would seem the female Pandarens are just dwarf females with panda heads.

After the fantastic reception of Diablo III, Blizzard fans can only be left shaking their heads and wondering if the money they pay for subscriptions is being squandered away to, or if Blizzard is just losing respect for their subscribers. Many reviews were not only scathing, but full of disbelief that money had been spent on a game that was obviously a rip off. Fans are not only chagrined and disappointed, but many are refusing to pay their subscriptions anymore.

Whether or not Blizzard is slipping with the fans is up to public debate; however the slipping numbers of subscribers is showing the opinion of the people. Either Blizzard is spending their time and money coming out with something amazing that will blow us all away, or the failure of this expansion may indicate the beginning of the end.

Cameron Wallace

Contributing Writer.

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