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Sims 3 University Life and Other Expansion Packs Announced for 2013

For all the Sims fans out there, get excited because there’s a bunch of new Sims 3 expansion content lined up for this year. From College to island vacations, the future for every Sim just got a little brighter.

Coming on January 25th, The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff adds in hairstyles, apparel, and furnishing from those decades.

The Sims 3 University Life adds in the entire college experience for the Sims. It opens up pathways for more social connections and career paths. There are plenty of opportunities for the Sims to learn: from class activities to class-specific objects. There are extra activities besides just school: protests, bonfires, ‘juice pong,’ and much else. The limited edition of University Life adds into the “Party Pack,” which gives more party content to use, and the “Partaeus Maximus” statue which greatly affects how parties are shaped (guests get better attire and parties increase the moods of the Sims in it).

Some features of the University Life expansion:

  • Learning experiences for the Sim: Sims can attend lectures to learn, or they can host their own radio show if they’re a Communications Major, or practice anatomy on a skeleton if the Sim is a Science and Medicine major. Each major has its own extra activity to learn with. A Sim’s traits can affect the way they learn and perform.
  • Parties: Juice kegs, togas, and bonfires.
  • Social Networking: Earn rites with the three groups on campus- the Nerds, the Jocks, and the Rebels. Each group provides their own benefits for being a part of them.
  • Degrees: Graduates get promoted faster, and if the Sim is in the right social group, they can land a dream job.
  • Campus: There’s a whole campus and town to explore.

University Life comes March 5th (pre-purchasing will be available soon).

Coming this June is the expansion pack “Island Paradise.” Island Paradise adds in an entire island for exploration and adventuring. Sims can take control of fully customizable houseboats where they can explore the ocean to discover new islands. Once discovered, the Sim can set up their own resort to manage. If resorts are not the thing for the Sim, they can complete skill-based scuba diving and snorkeling activities. A Sim can even own a bungalow or make their own fancy house.

Another pack, which is not named at the moment, will be launching this fall that adds in movie themed apparel and decor. Also in fall comes a pack that lets Sims travel into the future.

Here’s the University Life expansion trailer:

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