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All That We Know About The Sims 4

Well EA has been pretty quiet lately about the upcoming sequel to The Sims series, creatively named The Sims 4. I just wanted to take a quick moment to recap everything that we know and that we have seen for The Sims 4.

To start, we know that it’s supposed to come out sometime in Autumn of 2014. WooHoo!

EA has described The Sims 4 as focused on an all new emotion based gameplay, combining revolutionary Sims with powerful creative tools, reinventing The Sims experience. The Sims 4 is built upon a new Maxis game engine called SmartSim. Apparently it is the most intelligent, relatable, and personal life simulator to date. This new game engine will allow player choices to shape more than just single moments in the life of the Sims. For the first time, choices will impact the entire life journey of the Sims.

EA has express that The Sims 4 is pushing the boundaries in telling stories that span a Sims lifetime. The life of your Sims will be rich and multifaceted. The Sims 4 will offer the players new personalities and aspirations to simulate the wonder of life, giving Sims emotional awareness for the first time. Player’s choices will impact and shape the life journey of their Sims, kind of like the butterfly effect. If you have ever played one of the recent Telltale games, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Sims will also be able to interact with each other on a completely new level. As a result of the enhanced intelligence found in SmartSim, Sims will behave more dynamically and life stories will be written naturally as Sims socialize and engage with one another.

The building tools have also received a face lift. With the SmartSim engine, tools are more intuitive and far more powerful. Players will now be able to build houses using a new tactile feature that allows rooms to be built, using a simple drag and drop interface.


The Sims creator tool will also give the player the ability to sculpt their Sims by hand. Apparently it will be like playing with clay, only without the mess.

Well, while we all sit and wait, twiddling our thumbs, all we can hope for is more info on the game soon. Our best bet is at E3 this year, as that is just around the corner. Don’t forget to check out this price comparison tool when you’re looking to make a purchase.

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