The Sandbox Update Adds in Humans and Extra Features

The Sandbox the pixelated god game where physics can be changed and everything is based upon four elements, has reached over 1,700,000 players total and has over 100,000 worlds shared. The mobile game was nominated as a Hidden Gem on iTunes this year. The new update, 1.1, introduces more content for time burning. Now the age of dinosaurs is over, and up next in the timeline is mankind. Magic powders can be used to alter the behavior of the humans under your control. And, a new campaign for Tom, the human castaway, who needs to get off the island he’s been isolated on.

Sandbox 1.1 includes:

  • The race of humans, with four preset behaviors and skillsets to be modified by the Magic Powders: Miner, Hunter, Woodcutter, and Builder
  • The Tom Campaign: Help the castaway get off his island through 15 puzzles
  • Daily quests for free Mana everyday
  • New Worlds

This is the update trailer:

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