New Sword of the Stars Demo Released, and It’s Not a Strategy Game

Kerberos Productions released an Alpha Demo for their Sword of the Stars series. Sword of the Stars has been a series of turn-based strategy games with amazing complexity and scale, but that mantra seems to have been broken. The new game is called Sword of the Stars: The Pit and it’s definitely not in the same style as its predecessors. The Pit is a top-down dungeon explorer RPG with all the elements familiar to RPG gamers including experience levels and skills.

Lead Designer Martin Cirulis at Kerberos said “This Alpha Demo offers only about 10% of the game’s total content, but it should give players a good feel for the Roguelike gameplay with the retro art style and the skill-based RPG aspects.” The demo contains five levels to go through and only one class to work with but it still has plenty of features; just enough to give the feel of what The Pit’s full version will be like.

The Pit is currently crowd-funded on Indiegogo and the campaign for funding will end on the 14th.

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