Borderlands Legends Launch Trailer Released

Borderlands Legends, the iOS spinoff of the award winning Borderlandsseries, launched yesterday (Oct. 31, 2012) Halloween night. The game is a top down strategy shooter, allowing you to control the four main characters from the first Borderlands game.

The game is mission based, wherein each mission you must fend off waves of attacking enemies using the unique abilities of the four heroes. Controls are simple. Tap once to select the hero, then tap again at the location you wish for them to move. The strategy, however, is fairly complex. Using the right hero at the right time takes some thought, and with each character having their own style of combat, the combination of the four heroes is endless.

You can pick this game up today at the iTunes Store for $4.99 here, or get the HD version for $6.99 here. Also check out the launch trailer below:

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