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GAME and IGN Team Up

In early 2013, GAME and IGN are teaming up to form a partnership with a focus on the gaming community in the UK. IGN brings in around 4.2 million gamers in UK across all platforms and has some of the best social profiles. GAME is the UK’s biggest game retailer. This combination can only be good.

IGN and GAME are going to co-advertise and plan to make their focus on bringing the gaming community together through competitions and other events at the retailers, and even some events online. The collaboration was revealed today at GAME’s quarterly supplier conference by Game Retail Ltd Chief Executive, Martyn Gibbs. Although the details aren’t all revealed (they will be around New Year’s), the events includes mostly first look, pre-release and post-launch activities. ‘Extended Play’ will encourage gamers to get together online through livestreams and in-person at GAME stores to talk about major games post-release and to share their experiences with fellow fans and hear from special guests.

Martyn Gibbs, Chief Executive, Game Retail Ltd, said “2012 has been a significant year for GAME and we are ambitious and excited about 2013, kick-starting the year with this partnership with IGN. Gamers absolutely love IGN and our customer research has reinforced what a great fit this is for our brand. The partnership offers us an exciting opportunity to maximize our engagement with gamers both in-store and online and ultimately help us to achieve our ambition of building the UK’s most valuable community of gamers.”

Ian Chambers, VP & Managing Director, International, IGN Entertainment, adds “We’re delighted to be working with the UK’s largest specialist games retailer on this pioneering partnership, bringing the IGN and GAME communities together around their shared passion.  Our partnership will set the standard for how a media owner and retailer can collaborate to deliver impactful, community engagement.”

Dan Holtzclaw

Contributing Writer.

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