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Gabe Newell to be honored by ESA

Gabe Newell, founder of Valve Software, is set to be named Champion Honoree at the Entertainment Software Association’s annual charity event, Nite to Unite – For Kids. The black-tie event, in its fifteenth year, picks one industry figure each year to be inducted into its list of champions. Newell joins previous honorees including Blizzard president Mike Morhaime, former Microsoft president Robbie Bach and Star Wars director George Lucas.

“Gabe is a visionary innovator for our industry, and his success has broadened the industry for gamers and game creators alike,” said ESA president Mike Gallagher. “He has brought that same tenacity to working with schools and students, expanding access to digital learning while demonstrating that a commitment to positive social impact and leadership in business go hand-in-hand.”

A Nite to Unite is scheduled to take place on October 18 in San Francisco. Tickets for the event are $750, with the proceeds going to the ESA Foundation’s activities, including scholarships and special events.

Brett Lawlor

Contributing Writer.

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