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Valve Developing a New Source Engine

Valve has spent its time developing engine material, and is just waiting for a game to push it out with. Or so says Gabe Newell in a meet with 4Chan’s /v/. This meet, paired with Newell’s birthday celebration, was recorded and put on YouTube. Newell clearly stated from the beginning of QnA saying “So what do you want to know that’s not Half-Life 3?”

Newell also hinted that he thinks the focus of the gaming industry may be headed in the direction of user created content. He hopes to have the next engine work like a structure for the community to build upon. In addition to that, Valve seems to be interested in integrating computers into environments into living rooms. There were rumors of a Valve console a little while back, and some leaked photos showed prototype controllers.

Newell confirmed this by saying “We’re working on controller designs. We have three controllers we’re starting to do user testing on now. The reason we’re doing controllers is we didn’t think there was enough interesting innovation going on, and there are a bunch of reasons why we think that is happening. Even though we’ve never thought of ourselves as that, now we’re trying to tackle the problems of designing controllers and games at the same time…”

The video tackles a couple of other topics, give it a watch:

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