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DICE’s Frostbite Engine is Going Mobile

In a recent posting on the DICE job board, the developer is calling for someone with game development experience on a mobile OS (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows Phone). That’s right, DICE wants to bring the engine that brought you Battlefield 3 in its HD glory to your phone.

Patrick Soderlund of EA has already made it know that EA wants Frostbite to be an engine that supports Next-Gen games. Looking at the job posting, it looks like EA is betting that mobile games are going to take a serious role in the wave of Next-Gen games coming soon.

We have already seen a rather mixed bag of mobile games from EA, ranging from Rock Band to The Sims. Perhaps with the extension of Frostbite coming to the mobile platform, we may get to see some of the core franchises of EA eventually making it to a smart phone near you. Although I can’t imagine what a successful Battlefield Pocket Edition would look like, I sure hope the minds over at EA Games can make it happen.

Adam Frick

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