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Agawi GameZen App Brings Cloud-Serviced Games to Windows 8

Agawi’s Windows 8 game app GameZen will provide high-speed internet game streaming. It will bring thousands of games to all Windows 8 devices. GameZen will take advantage of cloud technology and third-party storage so games will be added to the library continuously. The ultimate objective is to have hundreds of thousands of games at the user’s fingertips, ready-to-play.

“GameZen is a huge opportunity for both developers and gamers,” says Peter Relan, Agawi executive chairman. “We’re focusing on connecting Windows 8 users with their favorite games and helping them find new games they love, for a fun and accessible gaming experience. Developers also benefit from a huge new audience available to them and the Windows 8 devices that are extremely well-suited to gaming, like the Surface tablet.”

Windows 8 is forcasted to sell more than Windows 7, and distributing games through GameZen will make thousands of games available to milllions of users. Hopefully, this will add to discovery, making more games instantly readily available to users.

Check out Agawi’s site here and GameZen’s app page.

Dan Holtzclaw

Contributing Writer.

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