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Hunger Games: The Video Game?!?!

As an avid fan of the Hunger Games, I think there’s only one logical question left.  Is there going to be a video game?  By that, I don’t mean the apps and the Facebook games one can play on their phones or computers, but an actual console game.

According to some at Lionsgate, in an article in Forbes Magazine, turning the popular book series and blockbuster movie into a video game was a “no-brainer”.  This has led some into believing that if there isn’t a video game in the works already, there will be soon.  And with the release for Catching Fire set for November 22nd of next year, there’s plenty of time to create and release a video game starring Katniss Everdeen, The Girl on Fire.

However, the idea of a video game is as controversial as the books themselves!  A video game about children killing other children is enough to offend the senses, so it was inevitable that the rating committee would raise a few concerns.  The books and movies were ambiguously aimed at teens, but have captivated adults both male and female alike.

So the question is this: Can Lionsgate successfully create a game that shows the deaths of young children and yet successfully recreate the book and/or film plot without having to resort to an obscene rating, such as Mature.  Even more importantly, can they do this without cutting out the Arena entirely or will they try to figure out a way to work the Arena out of the game?

While no details are certain yet, and fans are left to imagine the outcome, only time will tell if the Hunger Games actually makes it to console, but until it’s confirmed, May the odds be ever in your favor.

Cameron Wallace

Contributing Writer.

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