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Verticus: A Game by Stan Lee

Verticus – Every Stan Lee fan that happens to be so lucky as to also own an iOS compatible device would be interested in knowing that the Great Stan Lee is working on a new video game! In collaboration with Controlled Chaos Media, a Dallas-based developing company, as well as Moonshark and Pow! Entertainment, Stan Lee is developing a new video game for iPad, iPhone, and iPad Touch.

Releasing in the fall, Verticus features a suited figure (of the same name) that, ironically, free falls through space to save the Earth from being turned into a ticking time bomb.  If Stan Lee lending his voice to the game wasn’t cool enough, it’s reminiscent of an arcade-style game and seems rather difficult to make perfect scores.  The plot is just intriguing enough to draw in loyal Lee fans, as well as curious parties, forcing them to try and better their score by obtaining orbs and upgrades for their suit.

The plotline is interesting and portrays Stan Lee’s demeanor in every way, as it starts with alien creatures infiltrating the Earth’s core building a Doomsday device.  The only one who can save Earth is Verticus, an unknown figure in a suit that somehow manages to find a way to thwart the Obliterators. Whether Earth survives due to Verticus’ valiant efforts or it ends in a terrible explosion, its fate is in your hands.

Cameron Wallace

Contributing Writer.

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