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Cognition Adventure Game Debuts for iPad Today

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, a supernatural crime investigation adventure game series from indie studio Phoenix Online Studios, launched today for iPad with the release of the first episode: Cognition Episode 1: The Hangman. This suspenseful psychological thriller follows the supernatural Erica Reed, an FBI agent tracking a serial killer, who can experiences flashes of the past to learn how the crimes happened. Erica also recently suffered the murder of her brother Scott, whom she attempted to save but failed.

Each Cognition episode is a unique investigation into the serial killer that’s loose in Boston. Each episode advances the story and brings Erica closer to avenging her brother, while she struggles to control her visions which are become more frequent and erratic. Cognition features classic point and click gameplay, stylized graphic novel and cutscenes, and a special user interface designed for the iPad. Cognition is similar to games like Gabriel Knight, Heavy Rain,or The Walking Dead, and goes well with fans of supernatural thrillers like Fringe or CSI-style crime dramas.

The developers at Phoenix Online Studio are fans of adventure games who got their start with debut game The Silver LiningCognition will have adventure game designer Jane Jensen as a consultant on the series.

Cognition Episode 1 can be downloaded from the App Store for the sale price of $3.99, with the regular price set at $4.99: iTunes App Store

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