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Reliance Games and Behavior Interactive Form an Alliance

Reliance Games (part of Reliance Entertainment Digital), formerly known as Jump Games, and Behavior Interactive, one of the world’s largest independent video games studios announced a strategic alliance. Together they will develop and co-publish mobile games based on upcoming feature films.

“Today’s announcement with Behaviour Interactive is another solid step in building great IP-based games. By partnering with Behaviour, Reliance augments its ability to design and to develop games in a timely manner and at a quality bar commensurate with the films the games are based on.” – Amit Khanduja, Executive Vice President of Global Business for Reliance Entertainment Digital

“All of us at Behaviour are excited to partner with Reliance to complement the launch of certain major, upcoming feature films with mobile games. Clearly, we strive to heighten the property’s brand awareness and to maximize the entertainment value of the property for film-goers and game-players alike.” – Rémi Racine, President and Executive Producer of Behaviour Interactive

“Both Reliance Games and Behaviour have successful track records developing high-quality, movie-based games.  With two games in production together already, it’s clear that our design and production synergies will prove to be a winning combination.” – Eric Marlow, Vice President of Reliance Games’ Global Studios

Behavior Interactive specializes in adapting properties of television and films to video games. The studio’s main focuses are in design, quality, and socialization. Currently, Reliance and Behavior are working together on mobile games for two movies coming up in the not-so-distant future. Both companies plan to announce the titles of the mobile games by Spring this year.

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