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Ravaged DLC Roadmap Announced

2 Dawn Games has revealed a three-month layout of their DLC releases in the next three months for their online first-person shooter Ravaged. The first free DLC to come to the gamers is set to be released on the 20th of December. This DLC will include new guns, technology, and massive sized vehicles. This first DLC pack introduces a dumptruck moving fortress, new helicopters, a tractor tank, and a nailgun. Two more free DLC packs are to be released in January and February. Ravaged was EA Origin’s first crowdfunded-only (from Kickstarter) video game, reaching over twice their intended goal. The gamers who bought Ravaged from EA’s Origin will receive a free custom skin.

Ravaged is also available on Steam. 2 Dawn will also be hosting community events, such as “Hunt the Devs”, where the details can be found on their site. 2 Dawn is known for doing works on popular titles like Desert Storm and Battlefield 2.

Dan Holtzclaw

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