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Napoleon: Total War Gold Edition to Come to Mac this Spring

Feral Interactive announced that Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition will be released this spring for Mac. The Total War series is a historical strategy game dealing with war on massive scales; working from turn-based political strategy to real-time battles. Originally developed for Windows by Sega and Creative Assembly, Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition is finally making its way to Mac.

Napoleon: Total War gives players the ability to play as Napoleon’s Grand Armée or as one of the Four Great Powers: Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, or Russia. In “Napoleon’s Campaigns” and “Campaigns of the Coalition,” players must combine political prowess with military strength and skill to lead their nation to victory over Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Along with the campaign modes, Gold Edition features “Napoleon’s Battles” where players can fight in renowned battles like Austerlitz, Trafalgar, and Waterloo in the same circumstances as Napoleon.

The Mac version of Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition features the base games, its updates, and all of the downloadable content: The Peninsula Campaign, Imperial Eagle Pack, Coalition Battle Pack, and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars Pack.

“The Napoleonic wars are an inspired setting for a Total War game,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “The historical narrative and the introduction of attrition brings additional elements of realism to a fantastic series.” – David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive

Pricing, system requirements, and a minisite will be given for Napoleon: Total War – Gold Edition for the Mac and will be revealed near the release date. Here’s a trailer for the release of the Mac edition:

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