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CrossFire Invites Players to Vacation Hero Mode X

G4BOX revealed today a new set of content for their game CrossFireCrossFire is fast-paced military online shooter where two teams of mercenaries, the Global Risk and Black List, are pitted against each other. Players can choose from a massive selection of realistic weapons, explosives, and armor. It has ten game modes and over 4.2 million concurrent users worldwide, making it the largest online shooter.

Starting today, players in Hero Mode X will be challenged with two new vacation-themed maps and two new skins: the female Ranger and demonic Havoc. In this fight between good and evil, players can take on the role of the Ranger: a highly specialized and heavily armed stylized hero. In response, the Mutant leader Xeno has created his next perfection: the Havoc. The two will fight across new maps: Carnival HMX and Resort HMX. These resorts are filled with open-spaces, choke points, and unique strategic points for the players who look for them.

“Hero Mode X is one of our most popular game modes in CrossFire, and we felt the time was right to give the players a new way to play this survival-of-the-fittest team game,” said JT Hwang, producer of CrossFire for G4BOX. “The maps offer a little something for everyone, with long corridors, sniper nests, speed power ups and multiple hiding spots. Add to that the two new player skins and we feel that this update will be one of the most popular we’ve done to date.”

New weapons have also been added: A KSG15dual-tube, double-feed pump-action 12 gauge shotgun (which can be bought with in-game currency), an M60E3 fully-automatic machine gun, and three other weapons variants. The M60E3 machine gun and the other weapon variants can be bought in the cash-only store.

Dan Holtzclaw

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