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New An Alien with a Magnet Details

Coming out this quarter is An Alien with a Magnet, the next big iOS and Android arcade game following an alien who crash-lands onto a planet. He needs to get home with his two tools: a spaceship and a magnet. To get home he has to orbit planets with his magnet (which is attached to the bottom of his ship) to collect stars and then travel through galaxies. Avoid black holes and asteroids during the travels to ensure the alien’s safety, or his efforts to return home will be for naught.

Feel the physics through three game modes: Adventure, Star Rush, and Color mode. Adventure mode is the storyline where you get our little green friend home through twenty levels. Star Rush mode is a competitive star collection time trial in a specially designed galaxy where the time completed goes onto a leaderboard. Color Mode has a unique style where the black and white galaxies are painted colors as they are traveled in this special mode.

An Alien with a Magnet was constructed with the Unity engine so it will be for both the iOS and Android. It comes with detailed and professional visuals that have been carefully crafted by artist and visual designer Ricardo de Zoete of RZDESIGN. An Alien with a Magnet has a simple arcade style with a design that requires only one touch to play. The game will have a full leaderboard and over thirty achievements.

An Alien with a Magnet will be launching sometime this quarter, the actual date unreleased. Here is a teaser trailer:

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