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Funtactix Using Swrve For Social Game Analysis and Optimization

Funtactix, a major developer in Facebook and social games (making major games like Mission:Impossible – The Game and The Hunger Games Adventures), is going to start using Swrve to track player behavior and stats. Swrve is an optimization platform designed to provide useful information so the developers can make decisions based upon this information to maximize retention, conversion, engagement, and revenue. Swrve will let the Funtactix team sort out players based upon demographics, viral profiles, behavior, and acquisition source. Swrve will help with monetization, optimization, and product testing on the mobile platform.

CEO of Funtactix, Sam Glassenberg, states “We’ve been seriously impressed by the Swrve product and team, having worked with them over the release of several of our recent titles, including Mission: Impossible – The Game and The Hunger Games Adventures. It’s absolutely vital to both ourselves and our film studio partners that we have the right analytics solution in place. Swrve integrates seamlessly with our existing internal systems and gives us all the information we need. From the big picture KPIs to the ability to track what exactly users from one acquisition campaign look like; it’s all there.”

“Funtactix is our kind of company”, said Hugh Reynolds, CEO of Swrve. “Great creative skills, but with a sharp eye on the science bit. The future belongs to those games companies who combine those two approaches – and Funtactix is most definitely one of them.”

Dan Holtzclaw

Contributing Writer.

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