Half-Life 3 Rumors All Around as Game Found in Steam Database

Fan have been waiting for years for Valve to release Half-Life 3, and they may have just been given a sign of hope. SteamDB has reported that they found a list of games recently added to the game distribution platform’s database, and Half-Life 3 is among the games added.

SteamDB has a good track record for finding these hidden gems, but they have been wrong in the past.» Continue Reading

Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Trailer – Gamescom 2014

It’s that time of the year again, where the demo teams of game developers around are busy at work over at Gamescom. This year at Gamescom 2014, everyone was able to get a sneak peek at some of the gameplay we can expect from the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition.

In this Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay trailer we were able to take a look at some of the amazing epic battle sequences the game has to offer, as well as get a chance to look at some of the character customization options.» Continue Reading

Xbox One to Ship Without a Kinect for $399

Microsoft has just announced that Xbox One will be available for purchase without the once mandatory Kinect on June 9th of this year. The new prices of $399 puts the Xbox in same price range as the PlayStation 4. This decision could be due to the PlayStation 4 outselling the Xbox One.

Current numbers show that PlayStation 4 has surpassed 7 million consoles shipped, while Xbox One is seeing numbers around 5 million consoles shipped.» Continue Reading

What would Game of Thrones Look Like Set in Super Mario World?

If there wasn’t already enough drama in the Mushroom Kingdom, now lets throw in it tales of backstabbing, treachery, dragons, and endless, random nudity. Well it might have made the late 80’s TV show The Super Mario Bros. Super Show a lot more entertaining! Check out this video by NicksplosionFX to find out what Game of Thrones set in Super Mario World would look like.» Continue Reading

Wolfenstein: The New Order to Last 20 Hours

MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies recently took to Reddit for an AMA session to answer a few questions about the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. One of the questions he focused on was the length of the game. Matthies stated that it will take a player about 20 hours to full explore the game, collecting everything and examining all the environments.» Continue Reading

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