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TramSim: Console Edition Arriving on PlayStation and Xbox Soon

Experience the Thrill of Driving a Tram Through Bustling Cities on Your Console

The popular tram simulation franchise, TramSim, developed by Vienna-based ViewApp, is set to make its debut on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, thanks to a new partnership with British developer Dovetail Games. Dovetail Games, known for their successful transport simulation titles Train Sim World and Train Simulator Classic, first announced the project during February’s Festival of Rail event.

TramSim: Console Edition Features Stunning Urban Landscapes

TramSim: Console Edition will showcase the beautiful cities of Vienna, Austria, and Munich, Germany, with photorealistic graphics and a focus on the stunning urban landscapes that form the routes the playable tram services run on.

Daniel Buda, CEO of ViewApp, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are very excited to start our new partnership with Dovetail Games and are happy to announce not only the partnership but also our first console title coming to market. We admire what Dovetail has achieved in the railway sector for simulation games over the years as a market leader and are really looking forward to working together with a partner who has the same values and many synergies.”

Dovetail Games Expands into Other Simulation Games and Genres

Gemma Johnson-Brown, COO of Dovetail Games, expressed her excitement about bringing TramSim to PlayStation and Xbox consoles. “As experts in train simulation games, we know what it takes to make a great simulation game, and TramSim is one of the best we’ve seen. We can’t wait for console players to experience the thrill of driving a tram through a bustling city. Dovetail Games has a long history of publishing for developers across multiple platforms, and we are excited to expand our publishing expertise and knowledge into other simulation games and genres. Its possibilities and opportunities are truly exciting, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Pre-order and Release Dates for TramSim: Console Edition

TramSim: Console Edition is scheduled for pre-order on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 starting Tuesday, April 4th, with a release date of April 25th. The game will also be available on Xbox Series X/S in the coming weeks. Players can already add the game to their wishlists on the store pages, ensuring they don’t miss out on the chance to experience the ultimate tram driving simulation game.

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