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Wolfenstein: The New Order to Last 20 Hours

MachineGames creative director Jens Matthies recently took to Reddit for an AMA session to answer a few questions about the upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order. One of the questions he focused on was the length of the game. Matthies stated that it will take a player about 20 hours to full explore the game, collecting everything and examining all the environments.

Matthies was quick to note that Wolfenstein: The New Order encourages multiple play throughs. This is based on the player’s choices early in the game will heavily impact what happens later in the game. It’s still unknown how the storyline changes based on these choices.

“It’s recommended to do a second play through and see what would have happened if you chose differently,” he said. “especially to explore the alternate timeline.” -Jens Matthies, Creative Director for MachineGames

In the AMA Matthies also hinted at a possible sequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order, saying that he would “love to do a sequel,” or even an Enemy Territory-style multiplayer game

“We have lots of ideas for a sequel and we’d love to do one,” he noted. “It hinges on the financial success of this one, of course.” -Jens Matthies, Creative Director for MachineGames

Wolfenstein: The New Order will launch on May 20 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. To buy a copy, be sure to check out the price comparison guide.

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