You are currently viewing Stunning New Trailer for Luna Abyss: Dive into the Heart of the Mysterious Mimic Moon
Courtesy of Bonsai Collective

Stunning New Trailer for Luna Abyss: Dive into the Heart of the Mysterious Mimic Moon

As anticipation builds ahead of the GDC in San Francisco, remote game development studio Bonsai Collective has given gamers a thrilling glimpse into the world of Luna Abyss. The brand new trailer, titled ‘At the Heart of Luna Abyss,’ debuted during The MIX Spring Showcase on Friday and delves into the enigmatic mimic moon that harbors a deep mystery within its core.

At the Heart of Luna Abyss - World Showcase Trailer

In a captivating 90 seconds, the trailer showcases the diverse and intricate environments that make up Luna Abyss. Players will experience lunar landscapes and the hidden secrets that emerge from its fractured depths. The game follows the story of a long-lost colony, leaving players to uncover the fate of the once-thriving city of Greymont while guided by an artificial prison guard named Aylin.

Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective, expressed the team’s excitement in sharing more about this narrative-driven, bullet-hell FPS. Luna Abyss is set to challenge players with its alien terrain, cosmic horrors, and disturbing revelations. Players will need to master split-second decision-making, traversal abilities, and an arsenal of weapons to overcome the game’s obstacles.

Courtesy of Bonsai Collective

Luna Abyss will include the following features:

Buried Mystery:

  • Discover the secrets of the mimic moon and the hidden abyss
  • Encounter remnants of the fallen colony
  • Unveil your role in this fateful world
  • Explore the enigmas concealed within the abyss

Forsaken Chasms:

  • Navigate a brutalist alien megastructure with sprinting, jumping, and dashing
  • Delve into smooth first-person platforming
  • Journey through Luna and the abyss’s depths

Bullet-Hell Combat:

  • Overcome lethal confrontations with tainted souls and warped cosmic horrors
  • Hone your weaponry skills
  • Execute rapid decisions in high-octane, explosive bullet-hell battles

Luna Abyss will be featured at the GDC Expo in San Francisco’s Moscone Center on the Epic Games stand from March 22nd to 24th, 2023, with media bookings available. The game is developed by a passionate, inclusive team of 16 developers dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment within the studio.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the captivating world of Luna Abyss and uncover the enigmatic secrets hidden within its depths.

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