New Details on Max Payne 3 DLC ‘Hostage Negotiation’

New details have been released on the up coming DLC for Max Payne 3. Hostage Negotions will include 4 new multiplayer maps, “along with a range of new Items and weapons plus the Filhos De Ogum avatar faction”. Check out the details below.

These maps include:

  • Club Moderno is a nightclub ripe for intense raving action.
  • Estádio Do Galatians, home of the Galatians FC, this stadium setting will be a great location to fight off the likes of the Comando Sombra and the Crachá Preto.
  • O Palácio Strip Club is set to show off the new highly detailed favela territories.
  • Favela Heights is also set in the favela territories.

The DLC is also set to bring you some new equipment to play with:

  • The M24 Sniper Rifle and the IA2 Assault Rifle are being added to the arsenal.
  • The new Explosive Burst is ready for some explosive booby traps, just make sure to bring your new Bomb Suit for protection.
  • The Intimidation Mask will allow to cause slower reload times for your enemies.

As a bonus to all gamers in Rockstar’s Social Club, there will be a release of all new chrome weapons free of charge for waiting patiently for this DLC. Hostage Negotions has been priced at 800 Microsoft Points on XBL or $9.99 on PSN and PC. Look for this DLC coming out this fall.

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