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DayZ Bounty Taking Heat From DayZ Creator

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If you REALLY want someone dead in DayZ, then your going to go to DayZ Bounty and hire someone for real money to do it for you. DayZ Bounty is a bounty hunter service that pays real money for in-game kills. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, and would be a dream job for any sharpshooting gamer out there.

All things are not great for DayZ Bounty as Bohemia Interactive has stated in an email to PC Gamer that “commercially exploiting” the DayZ mod and in turn Arma II will not be tollerated, and that Bohemia will be contacting the owners of DayZ Bounty requesting them to discontinue running the service.

“The DayZ development team and Bohemia Interactive is not involved or has had any contact with with DayZ Bounty and it’s creators. While we fully support modifications created by the community, to improve the gaming experience for players of DayZ and ArmA II, we do not support their creators putting a cost on them. As commercially exploiting their small additions to DayZ undermines the work done by the original team.

“We believe that the elements of gambling that DayZ Bounty introduces challenges the basic game design aspects that DayZ is built upon. It changes the focus of DayZ from being a creative, enjoyable, gritty gaming experience to a game that is based almost solely on financial gain and that is not something we want to be associated with.” Bohemia Interactive

The DayZ Bounty owners have stated that they were never trying to make money from the service, and that they looking at the service like a rotary club instead. All things aside, it looks like Bohemia Interactive is not going to let this one go easy, regardless of how the owners like to think about their service.

Source: PC Gamer

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