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Alt-Minds Explores a New Type of Gaming

A new international gaming project Alt-Minds looks to bend the term “video game,” since Alt-Minds is actually video and a little more than that. Alt-Minds is an adventure game to find five researchers who’ve disappeared during vacation. The developers refer it as “Total Fiction” on the game’s ‘about page‘ (make sure the language is in the one you need). It is this way because the developers mix fiction and realism together into a totally new experience, one that you’ve probably never seen before. Its playstyle is unique: you can play from a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer and still be persistent between all of them without any loss in progress or major changes.

(from the site) “Alt-Minds is a subtle mix of fiction and reality aimed at getting you even more involved in the story. You can receive emails from characters in the investigation; look for clues online, via Google and Facebook; receive text messages and look for secret locations in your town or village. If you want, you can even try to call or meet up with the protagonists.”

How often do games get gamers that involved? The game is played using tools designed by Orange Labs and Lexis Numérique, and it’s entirely up to the player to get as involved as desired. The web series can be watched, or the player can take an active role in the progression of the story. Alt-Mind starts sometime this month, with the first chapter being free-to-play.

Here’s the trailer:

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