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A Shout Is Heard In The South

Out of Austin, Texas, there are changes coming to the gaming world with a Battlecry; Battlecry Studios that is. It seems Bethesda Softworks had fondness for Austin, as Battlecry Studios is the second developing studio to come from Austin after Arkane Studios, who are releasing Dishonored on the 9th.

For those still confused about the way things work, ZeniMax Media is a parent company, a name if you will. They find deveoping companies all over the world, recruits and finances them to make award winning games, such as Bethesda Softworks who released Fallout 3 and the famed Elder Scrolls series, id Software who were the developers of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

Bethesda posted on their blog today that heading Battlecry Studios will be Rich Vogel. If you think that name souds familiar, you’re probably aware of Vogel’s long history in the gaming industry. Vogel served, until very recently, as the Executive Producer on the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, a BioWare game. BioWare is a developer for EA.

While it’s been said that Battlecry Studios is working on some online project, details of this project have not been released yet. While unconfirmed, it is rumored that Battlecry Studios may have something to do with Zenimax Online Studio’s The Elder Scrolls Online, however, it may be another online game entirely.

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