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God Game ‘Godus’ Succeeds on Kickstarter and Meets Stretch Goals

Godus is a reinvention of the game Populus with a focus on creation, destruction, cooperation, and competition. It’s a blend of sandbox creativity and destruction with a strategic tactics. It has a unique visual art style of solid colors and low-geometry shapes. To have control, followers are needed, and followers of other gods oppose yours. From this aspect, massive battles are generated and the fearsome side of a god is shown through tornadoes and other powers. It has both single player and multiplayer modes. Godus is made by 22 cans; an independent developer.

Godus had a goal of £450,000 (around $730,000 USD), and it reached £526,563 ($850,873 USD) when the Kickstarter Campaign closed. After £450,000, several stretch goals were laid out. The highest goal was £550,000 ($888,745 USD), where Godus would be developed for the Ouya system, but this was not met.

All of the stretch bonuses add these extra features:

  • Three extra single player and multiplayer modes
  • Start a sect: adds in a few social features
  • James Leach writes the story (Leach wrote the stories for the Black & White games)
  • Cooperative multiplayer and possession (first person world crafting)
  • Linux Version

As of now, there is no set release date.

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