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The Counter-Strike eSports Documentary You Have to See

For those of us that game daily, it is inspiring to see gamers like Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg fighting the good fight, the fight we all seek for victory. That is exactly what you see in this Counter-Strike eSports documentary. The documentary is two fold. On one side it shares the story of Lundberg and his team (Fnatic) on their journey to compete for $100,000 in the Dreamhack Winter 2013 tournament. On the other it inspires you to “Play Bravely.” For this, we cannot agree more.

Play Bravely

Lundberg thinks of himself as the team “Shrink,” supporting his team by keeping them focused on the one goal they all have in common, victory.

“We are a team that doesn’t really change. We’ve had the same core players since the start of the year and that’s really, really unique. People quit, people change lineups because they get in fights, can’t resolve their issues. So they just start over, which is the wrong way to go I think.” -Jonatan ‘Devilwalk’ Lundberg

Through director Zacharias Dyrborg’s vision of the film, you learn that great skill gets you to the competition, but its the emotional moments in both the heat of battle and the time between matches that can make or break a team. We tip our hats to you Dyrborg for letting us see what it truly means to be a part of an eSports professional, both on and off the keyboard.

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    If only I had the twitch skills needed to keep up with the pros. Looks hard, but looks like a lot of fun!

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