Great Gamer Wedding Cake

10 Great Gamer Wedding Cakes

Since I am getting married this Saturday (8/2/14), I wanted to take the time and put together a gallery of 10 great gamer wedding cakes. During my search I found that a vast majority of the video game wedding cakes out there are based on Nintendo characters and games. This is no surprise as nintendo games have a larger skew of female gamers than any other sector of the video gaming industry.

For those of you lucky enough to marry the gamer of your dreams, I congratulate you. For those of you that lost your games to the spouse, I hope that he/she is worth it. For me, I have been lucky enough to score the best of both worlds. Not only am I able to marry the love of my life, but I am still able to keep the gamer inside of me alive!

The cake is a lie...Super Mario GalaxyWorld of WarcraftThe Legend of ZeldaSuper Mario Bros.XboxSuper Mario WordlMinecraftPac-ManPortal/NES
The cake is a lie...

What cake is your favorite? Is there a cake that didn’t make this gallery that should have? Share in the comments below!

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Adam Frick
Founder of GamesFinity. Contributing Writer. YouTube Director
  • Splitterside71

    Loved putting together this gallery. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.

  • Emily

    Love all of the cakes! Cant wait for you to see the gamer cake I designed for you at our Tampa reception in September!

    • Splitterside71

      Can’t wait to see it! So excited!