Games Turned Romance Novel

Games Turned Romantic Novels

Today is the day of love for some, and the day of sad singleness for others. Regardless of your IRL relationship status, here is something I think we all can agree we love, VIDEO GAMES! <3

In honor of the big V-Day today, we present to you five games turned romance novel create by Shutterstock. Which would you read today if they were real books?

Collector of Hearts - A Zelda Love StoryThe Forbidden Peach - A Super Mario Love Story Hungry For Love - A Pac-Man Love StoryShot to the Hear - A Duck Hunt Love StoryFierce Moves - A Street Fighter Love Story
The Forbidden Peach - A Super Mario Love Story
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Adam Frick
Founder of GamesFinity. Contributing Writer. YouTube Director
  • Splitterside71

    Shot to the Heart looks like quite the action packed book. I would be down for reading it! Who doesn’t want a dead duck on Valentine’s Day?