League of Legends documentary tells why millions watch eSports

Ever wonder why millions of people watch eSports? Or why Amazon would spend nearly a billion dollars to purchase Twitch.tv, a leading eSports video streaming service? Well Riot Games recently released a three-part League of Legends documentary video series you should check out. The League of Legends documentary follows key players competing in this years World Championship. This video series will help even a non gamer understand how passionate gamers are for eSports, and how the popularity has exploded over the last few years.

In part one of the League of Legends documentary, the video follows several of the pros that have been around from the beginning. It highlights some of their back stories. It looks at how the players began their pro careers, and how their feel about being a pro gamer. It also picks up on some key highlights of past events, showcasing those important moments leading up to the World Championship next month. With interviews from the likes of xPeke (Fnatic), YellOwStar (Fnatic), bebe (TPA), GoGoing (OMG), Piglet (SKT), and Hai (Cloud 9), this is truly an epic documentary to watch.

Q&A Session on Riot Games’ League of Legends Documentary

In a recent Q&A session with director Daniel Stolzman, Daniel concluded his interview with this.

I’m extremely curious to know where all this eSports growth is headed. I think just a few years ago some eSports fans may have wanted to see the sport get mainstream recognition, but I’m curious to see if that will really matter in the long term. -Daniel Stolzman

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Road to Worlds – League of Legends Documentary

The Beginning

The Next Level

The Road to Seoul

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